448 recruits blood Donors with respect.  


Respectful recruitment involves the application of a patient, methodical, timely recruitment strategy that prioritizes Donor relationships and produces results.


Patience is Key.

We know that recruiting Donors patiently increases their loyalty, annual frequency and lifetime donations.


Method Matters.

We have perfected our lapsed Donor recruitment strategy by leveraging cutting-edge recruitment software that factors a matrix of filters and calculates a combination of variables.


Timing is Critical.

We have learned that, to be successful, we need to recruit Donors when (and how) they prefer to be recruited.


Relationships Make the Difference.

We believe that Donors respond more favorably to being engaged by the same Recruiter. Accordingly, each of our Recruiters is assigned to one Client; our Clients Donors are their Donors.


Productivity is the bottom line.

We set benchmarks, establish standards and hold ourselves accountable so our Clients don’t have to.

448 Recruitment

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